Happy New Year

I’ve always been a goals person. Oddly, it never seems to work when it comes to exercise (I still have never maintained any great routine, and am staring at my 31st year with a horrid realisation it’s not going to get any easier now). In work though, I set goals and come what may, I achieve those suckers.

To that end, today I am starting my latest project. I have a big year coming up, and I want to remember how it plays out. So begins my latest foray into blogging. In the past, I have kept a short travel blog. This time, I want to keep track of what my life looked like as a whole in 2016. There are wider objectives than this, however. I need to write more, and have missed it greatly in the last year. Creating a routine of regular writing allows me to develop and find my voice again. It is also an opportunity to develop an online portfolio and explore finding a writing niche for myself again.

A new year, a new goal, a new project. Happy 2016!


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