A new decade

Yesterday I turned 30 and celebrated by eating cake for breakfast. There is something both monumental and mundane about birthdays – especially ones we view as milestones. For me, turning 30 feels in many ways just the same. I do not see a new face staring back from the mirror, and my sense of self is still that of a kid who is trying to make a real go of this being an adult business. Yet, there is a sense of who I am being fundamentally changed. I have reached a decade which feels enticing. I am lucky to be entering this next stage with a stable base. That solid footing makes it a little easier to contemplate launching forward, as there is a softer place to land. There are a long list of things to pursue, but ultimately I am hoping that the next decade is one where we really carve out our own little niche in the world.


2 thoughts on “A new decade

  1. Happy B’day!!!
    I don’t know it seems crazy how time flies in a blink of an eye, we always picture eveything in the future like something so far away from us, but the time don’t stop, it continues to run every single moment, every single minute and when we realized we are in the future (our future turn in present) and we have the perception that the future wasn’t so far way from us.
    Enjoy your 30s!!!!

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