An introduction

My name is Anna Jensen. It’s a simple statement, and a name I have held for 30 years now. I have defined myself as Anna Jensen, working in several fields under this name. I have published extensively, written a thesis, travelled abroad and created the inevitable life trail that we all do – as Anna Jensen. At the end of this month, I will introduce myself under a new name – Anna Brown.

It is hard to introduce oneself, when in many ways how I define myself is about to evolve. Along with my new name, will be a new husband, new travels and the opportunity for a new career path. My current job is one that pays the bills and is teaching me new skills. It also leaves me unfulfilled and uninspired. Part of delving into my writing again is the opportunity to see where that may take me.

This blog is a journey of exploration for me, and I do hope it is one which may offer me a chance of further engagement with the world. I want to see where I fit as a creative agent. By trial and error, I believe I can find my own niche in the world. I want to write, to create, and to tell stories. It will be in part travel journey later in the year, but more broadly than that it will be my record of a year of transition. I want to be able to look back at the end of this year, and have a way to reflect on all that happens.

Today, my home is in the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. My name is Anna Jensen, and I am defined by the chaos of evolution.

Version 4
Kapiti Island, New Zealand

One thought on “An introduction

  1. Nice, I enjoyed reading it. All the best for your wedding, hope the weather is better than it was for all the people at the top of the North Island at the new year.
    Looking forward to reading your future writing.


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