Simplicity: A wedding philosophy

We are less than three weeks away from getting married. There are only 19 sleeps to go in fact. I’m nervous, excited, concerned and blissfully happy – all at once. I am obsessed with scheduling the day so I can fit everything in while the photographer is with us, but conscious of trying to do too much in too little time. I’m wondering if there is anything I’ve overlooked, or if the weather is going to behave. At times, I admit it’s overwhelming, and it has certainly taken over my thinking a lot of the time.

However, more important than any detail or concern is the knowledge that we have planned a wedding day which reflects our relationship and the marriage we want to establish. Every decision has been weighed up, considering whether it is important and necessary to our wedding. Time has been spent effectively, and a good chunk has been dedicated to looking at our relationship (both in guided counselling sessions with the pastor who will marry us, and independently during long conversations and reflective time). We have picked out our priorities, and spent money there. Things that are not as important to us, have been discarded where appropriate.

There is a keyword that I have often come back to. Simple. The day should be about marking the commitment we are making to each other, and having the people who are most important to us there to celebrate. Beyond that, little else genuinely matters. We have a photographer who will capture those memories for us, so that one day it is easier to share with people who may not have been there, or so we can reminisce about a special day in our life. A caterer will feed us all, with the focus on having plenty to share around a table. Decorations are minimal, but the wine will be plentiful. Dancing may evolve organically, but at the core I hope that there will be conversation as people reconnect or establish new relationships.

Whenever I am flustered or overwhelmed, I can think back on this. Keep it simple, trust in love and know it’s all going to work out just fine.



7 thoughts on “Simplicity: A wedding philosophy

  1. Congrats…he’s hot!;) No, I’m teasing. I admire your approach up until the day. EVERYONE is nervous on their wedding day and crazed beforehand. If they say they’re not, they’re lying. Good luck to you both. I hope you post pics:)


  2. Everything will go well on your big day, as it looks like you have addressed the 2 key deliverables – planning, planning, planning and keeping it simple.

    When our daughter got engaged, we had both of them over for dinner and I gave then the Project Management 101 course. Worked wonders, especially when she started to stress in the days before the wedding. A quick review of the plans confirmed everything was in order.

    Enjoy the day.


  3. I love how you translated the philosophy to your wedding. My girlfriend and I share the same sentiment and look forward to “keeping the decorations minimal and the wine plentiful” someday. Because from where we’re from, weddings can get really grand. They can go up to 500 to 1000 guests! We only have a few people who are most important to us and, when it’s our time to plan, I’ll definitely remember this post. Congratulations to both of you, Anna!


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