On the road

Brixby Creek Bridge, Pacific Coast Highway, California

Majesty can strike around any corner. It is the moment where your breath is almost caught in your throat. You stop, stare, and admire the beauty that sits in front of you. These are the moments that make travelling special, at least for me.

We left our home in Paraparaumu, New Zealand a little over a month ago. From there we have travelled throughout New Zealand, visiting with family and friends, exploring new corners that we had not yet seen. Being endlessly reminded of how beautiful home is. A little over a week ago, we stepped foot in California. A couple of early missteps (with a resulting bout of food poisoning particularly tarnishing) put to the side, we have traversed the West Coast, following the Pacific Coast Highway all the way down to San Diego.

Sitting in a little room, looking out the window at the drought-ridden lawn of a friendly local we found through the marvellous Air B’n’B, there is a sense of peace. We are adjusting to the beautiful Americanisms, enjoying some sunshine again, and preparing for the next few weeks of exploration ahead.

My current view, Bonita, San Diego

I will update this over the next few days. There is loads to write about (including our wedding!) – but for now, just a spot of California dreaming.


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