Travelling the Pacific Coast Highway (Part Two)

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Driving into Los Angeles on a rainy Friday afternoon was perhaps not the most auspicious start to our visit. It is not long before you are confronted by just how big the city is, and how confusing driving around it can be. One wrong turn and our much trusted advisor, our GPS, is left in a state of recalculation, while we are stuck on yet another freeway.

Our explorations led us all over the city. From a rain drenched Santa Monica, up to the Griffith Observatory to check out the view, and some lovely wanderings through Pasadena and Long Beach. The latter two, with the benefit of sunshine, were definitely personal highlights of the Los Angeles area.

Venice Beach – not quite the postcard image
Hollywood sign, from Griffith Observatory
Long Beach, thankfully the sun is back!

The real Orange County

Leaving Los Angeles behind, we continued driving south. As a big fan of The OC many moons ago, I was particularly keen to check out Newport Beach. The area is stunning, and the houses were massive, the streets filled with expensive cars, and to top it off we found the most fantastic lemonade at one of the local shops.

From Newport, we headed through Laguna Beach (the houses were even bigger) and then on to the I5 into San Diego. We booked an Air B’n’B for a week in San Diego, relishing the chance for a break as we prepare for the next stage of our trip.


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