Sunny San Diego

After exploring the USS Midway

Nothing rejuvenates the soul quite like a good dose of sunshine, and San Diego has certainly turned it on for us this week! We have eaten our weight in tacos, explored the downtown and surrounding towns, and fully embraced being tourists. My absolute highlight was certainly San Diego zoo, where we got to spend time watching pandas, gorillas, polar bears and a multitude of other enticing creatures. There is likely to be a special blog post all about our zoo visit soon, in part because there are a tonne of pictures to show off.

We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

San Diego is my kind of city. The downtown area is bustling, even in the middle of the week, and yet it is still easy to drive around. We have stayed in a lovely place, which has the peace of almost being rural, while still only a fifteen minute drive from the central city. The freeway system is also easy to navigate, though I am yet to take the driver’s seat myself on this trip. Perhaps as we head out of the big cities…

One of the best parts of being here, just a short drive from the border, is that the food is amazing. Ashby is a full blown taco convert, and we have tried a huge range. The Californian style puts a real emphasis on the fresh flavours, and is primarily fish based. Despite some early concerns, we have had a great time with the food. It’s not hard to find fresh, healthy options. Californian oranges are fabulous (despite my dislike of American oranges in NZ supermarkets), and there are plenty of places to get organic salad options at a reasonable price.

However, it is time to move inland, and see some more of America. By lucky coincidence, our visit has coincided with the National Park Service’s 100 year celebration and they are marking this with a week of free admission to National Park sites all over the country. Such ideal timing, and we are going to explore a few places this week. First stop, Joshua Tree National Park! This means that internet access is going to be patchy, but I will try and flick up a few updates.


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