Changing seasons

New York is beautiful in the Autumn. The summer heat really surprised me in its muggy oppressiveness, but the crispness of ‘Fall’ is a beautiful respite. It is more pleasant exploring the city, and the colours are breathtaking. We spent an afternoon out in the Bronx recently, watching squirrels rummaging in the leaves and admiring the changing colours of the park.

Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx

It was lovely to feel like we were back amongst nature for a little bit, and I enjoyed an escape from the concrete. At times, we were actually on a dirt path! Such a novelty now.

It is entirely possible to ‘escape’ the trappings of the city without actually leaving, but I have found it challenging at times to adjust to just how much concrete there is. Probably a reflection of previously living by the beach, where evening walks on the sand were a regular occurrence. In contrast, our current neighbourhood features trees and playgrounds, but all surrounded by concrete. It is a great area to live, but I miss Mum and Dad’s massive lawn quite often, and think about my beach walks in that blissful way of sentimentality.

What New York lacks in lawn space though, it certainly makes up for in seasonal flair. Manhattan is gorgeous as Autumn arrives and the Christmas markets start to appear.

Along the Hudson River in Manhattan
Ice skating rink at the Winter Village in Bryant Park

Exploring the Winter Village in Bryant Park was one of my highlights of this city so far, and it was everything that I had hoped for. I will take more photographs next time I am there – need to sample a few more hot chocolates so that I can offer a more detailed report I suspect… The markets and ice skating rinks stick around till well into the New Year, so there is a permanence to the buildings everyone is operating out of. What is lovely is that they seem to be made up of small businesses, often selling stuff they have made themselves rather than what one would buy in a bigger store elsewhere. The skating is fun to watch, with a wide range of skills on show. It might be something to save for a little later in the season though – those queues could put anyone off.


I understand a lot of the stores on Fifth Ave and around Manhattan now have their Christmas windows on display, and I cannot wait to see what they look like. Ever since we got to New York I have been most excited about seeing what the city is like at Christmas time, so far it is living up to its promise.


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