Winter in NYC

There is a moment when you become more settled into a new place, where it starts to feel a little bit more like home. The novelty has disappeared, and the camera certainly comes out less. For me, it is realising that I tend to take a trip into Manhattan for a particularly shop to visit or food to try, not just because the city is there to explore.

As you settle in, you forget about the little things – like updating your blog of the adventures you do have, and remembering to photograph the beautiful moments along the way. So as a brief update, and as the last was of Autumnal colours, a few photographs of a winter wonderland seemed fitting. More updates will come, I promise (and my darling Mum keeps gently reminding me to get on to it). I am currently on the job hunt after my work authorisation finally came through, and anticipating the arrival of my little brother for a visit in a couple of weeks.

Politically, 2017 has started a little painfully. I move between attempting to avoid and becoming increasingly infuriated by the situations that present themselves. It has been heartening to see people across the political spectrum stand firmly in opposition to attempts to erode legal rights, and my faith in the American system of government has been given a little boost. Ultimately, as the wise Jon Stewart stated just the other day, if America gets through the next four years relatively intact and with the constitution relatively unscathed, then it can be argued that American greatness has been proven. Till such time, well it is a game of wait and see.

For something lighter in tone, I leave you with the beauty of American commercialism at its finest. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and my local Target has spewed pink in this corner…


This corner changes with each holiday, so it has been busy with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Having not visited since the festive season, I am unsure how long it has been pink, but I am intrigued as to what comes next. Perhaps they go all green for St Patty’s? Then next it must Easter. I guess there is always a reason for themed chocolates!